Tesseract get out there at RGU’s Big Crit

After months of not very much happening or moving forward, the past couple of weeks have been big ones! On thursday 20th may several prodigious figures from the realm of architecture arrived at the school of architecture in RGU for this years ‘Big Crit’. The Big Crit is an event held by the school at the end of the year where a select few students are given the opportunity to present their projects to an audience including guests who are invited to critique and discuss the work.

We took the opportunity and quickly got some letters printed explaining what we were planning on doing in India, which we handed to a few people over lunch and were given great opportunities to talk about what the project is about. It was great how positive the architects we spoke to were- especially when we made it clear we weren’t after their money! Hopefully this will lead us down the road to gaining support and mentors to help us.

We even got a mention in the press release for the day, which I think was sent to local press around Scotland! You can check it out over at the RGU website…Architectural elite join students for Big Crit day.


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