The story of Subhash and Sonia.

Delhi is intense, -In every way possible. The impressions and experiences we have gathered so far have been emotional and touching, and we have come across so many tragic but inspiring life stories.

One of them is the story of Subhash, Sonia and their three children, Mohit, Simran and Sumit, all of whom we had the opportunity of meeting today.

We visited the family in their home, in a very poor community in south west Delhi. They all share one single room where they keep their few but precious belongings.

Subhash works to support the whole family. He earns about £90 per month, which is enough to pay for the children’s education and for the family to stay together under a solid shelter, where they are able to lock the door at night.

Subhash grew up as the youngest of three sons and was never appreciated during his childhood, consequently he passed on the negative ambiance and applied it to his own family. After being at Anusaran, Subhash learned family values. Five years later they are now a happy and loving household- something you can really distinguish from the atmosphere. John and Abha (founders of Anusaran) could never support the family financially, but helped them budget their income wisely.

Since education for women is not prioritized, 2/3 of Indian women are illiterate. Just like the majority of females, Sonia’s parents never gave her the opportunity to go to school. Through Anusaran she has learnt both reading and writing and is very enthusiastic and grateful. All of their three children attend the Anusaran school, where they are taught together with over 60 other children from the poor local area.

We sat on the floor together with the family, listening to the story of their lives. It is so far from the civilization we are used to and although their life may seem like a struggle, we need to keep in mind that they live under rather good conditions in Indian measures. Privacy, comfort and hygiene are luxuries reserved only for a minority of people. Health, education and a safe home are a privilege, and this family is a representation of this.


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