On Arrogance and Optimism

I’d like to take a little time to respond to some comments and criticisms we have had recently. I think that at some points we might come across as arrogant or naive, but we are trying our best!

I’m sure that right the way through this process we will make mistakes. We are all too conscious that we aren’t professionals yet, and we are the first to admit that we need help from every direction. But at the same time it’s so exciting to have this opportunity to use our creativity in such a different way.

The videos that we post every so often aren’t there to subvert your emotions or make you feel guilty and affluent, and they aren’t designed as sob stories to get you to part with your money. It just seems the perfect medium to share our experiences and help you guys see what we are doing here, and what the work that Anusaran does is like.

We don’t want to appear superior or arrogant, and if we ever sound like that it’s a mistake! We are just normal students who decided to do something a bit different. I’ve known John and Abha (who founded Anusaran) for three years now and they have become great friends, and we are carefully working with them every step of the way to ensure we aren’t carrying their vision away and twisting it into something for ourselves. Being beside them when they have done so much and made such a great difference in this community is really humbling, and we can’t ever match their understanding and insights.

As for being Naive, sure. We are. We want to raise about £65 000 and none of us has any fundraising experience. We want people to hear about this and get excited about what creativity can do to change lives. We want to start a society at our Uni which will connect creative students to humanitarian issues. We want this building to be built asap. But hey, a little optimism has brought us quite far already! We won’t change the world, but it’s sad if we don’t even try.


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