The Design Brief

Over the last week we’ve been speaking to John and Abha and running focus groups and creative exercises with the teachers and kids from the school. We wanted to find out how they would live in the space day to day; what they have been dreaming of for so many years and what they dream of for the long term future. So as we begin our second week in Delhi we can fill you in on the brief for this exciting project.

The building Anusaran have occupied for the last six years has recently undergone major work. Upgraded foundations, insertion of structural columns and beams and a new concrete roof are the base for plans which will allow Anusaran to help many more people in more ways and become a vital amenity for the local community.

The existing ground floor will be reconfigured to include a welcoming entrance lobby where school events can be promoted and the women can display and sell the crafts they make. A secure office will also be created where John and Abha can carry out admin work efficiently and deal with the sensitive information which makes up a large part of their job. Apart from staff and guest toilets, the rest of the ground floor will be a large multi-use hall to be used for the women’s beautician and embroidery classes, school assemblies and community events.

The first floor of the building will be almost exclusively for the children. This new storey will include 5-6 classrooms to accommodate 200 children, a small crèche to allow women with small children to attend Anusaran, girls and boys toilets and storage space. This floor will also include a kitchen which will serve the hostel on the second floor and the ground floor hall. Cooking classes for women and children will also be run from here.

The second floor will contain all the hostel accommodation. This will comprise of two ensuite double rooms for visitors or perhaps couples who require emergency accommodation, a dormitory for volunteers and two dormitories to accommodate women who are in intolerable circumstances at home and allow them to recuperate. Separate male and female toilets and showers will also be on this floor along with a common room where the residents can socialise and relax. There will also be a quarters suitable for a family to stay in who would be responsible for the upkeep of the building.

We are currently working with this brief to create a design and will keep you updated.


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