So, we’ve given you quite a lot of background information and we’ve presented the brief. You must be curious to find out how we’re progressing. We’re happy to announce that things are going great and we’re moving forward. After hours of sketching, discussing and brainstorming we have reached our final design – a creative and playful building that we hope will be ideal for its purpose. Last night we had a long meeting with the contractors, presenting our work. Thankfully they approved; our design is buildable!
We are currently finalizing the last details, pulling an all-nighter (an architecture student classic) hoping to get it all finished by the time Jo leaves at 5AM (with her laptop which has the rendering software on it).
Wish us luck!

We shall keep you up to date with the progress and possibly a sneak preview of the design- unfortunately we can’t show you everything at the moment, for reasons we can’t tell you…


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