Thanks to people helping us with contacts, and “nothing tried, nothing gained” unsolicited emails, more and more people have been showing interest and following the project.

One of the most exciting steps recently, both for us and for John and Abha, was an article about us in an Indian newspaper “The Hindu”- one of India’s oldest and most prestigious papers. John and Abha have struggled in the past to get any of their news even into very local papers, so this was a big step. It was published last Tuesday, but you can read it online over HERE.

News has been spread through various blogs too, ArchDaily is a particularly popular one which posted our first video- you can see their post HERE

It’s only two days until we leave now, and the work is piled up so a couple of long evenings are in store, but we have still made time to get out to the school. Today we were visited by a BBC news crew who plan to include us in a feature some time in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for that! It was pretty fun filming with them as we were pretty unprepared and so props were quickly gathered so it could look like we were working hard on the site. With the aid of our designs (large blank sheets of paper) and intelligent looking hand gestures and conversation (talking about how hungry we were and where the nearest place for samosas was), and with the builders working hard in the background (some quickly gathered neighbours), I think they got some pretty good footage!

Hopefully there will be much more press to come, as we return to the UK and can dedicate more time to contacting people. Our intention is that through the media people can realise how legitimate the project is, and attract the attention of people who can fund the actual construction- as well as making people aware of the world around them and realising the scope for using our skills and creativity to change communities.


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