So Long

It has been weeks since we have updated this blog, so there is a lot to tell. The last few days that we spent in Delhi were an intense rush, with a couple of all nighters to try and complete all the work we really needed to do while in India. The to-do list seemed endless, but we pretty much managed.

On our last day in the school we came with great big project posters for them to keep and have in the classes. I think they even intend to frame a couple. Unfortunately late nights and a crammed schedule meant that I didn’t spot two pretty glaring spelling mistakes until after the printing was all done. The most annoying one was spelling empowerment “emowerment” at one point, particularly because we spent so long debating with Abha whether “women’s empowerment” needed an apostrophe “s”- we must have read that individual phrase dozens of times and we never noticed it. The other mistake- spelling of “Beautitian” is just funny though.

John presented the posters to the school and talked through the final design in animated hindi, while all the children who had crammed into the largest classroom craned their necks and gave resounding “Wow”s every so often. It was amazing seeing their excitement and awe at the idea of the new building being given form, and I think it was really valuable to actually leave them with something tangible, a sort of promise of what is going to come.


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