Competition Time…

Tomorrow we will have a grand unveiling of our first monthly student competition! The concept is simple- we will provide a brief each month which will centre around a current humanitarian issue or event, and you will provide an astoundingly creative solution.

All we ask for is one selling image which sums up your concept, so there is no painstaking drawing or hours in CAD involved. Be as off the wall as you like, read into the issue, read between the lines. Be cynical, ironic, witty, naive, and trust your intuition. Make sure your image shows us the incredible depth of you imagination and intelligence.
The Image should be a high quality JPEG, A3 sized at 300dpi, and you can submit it by email.
But what is in it for me, I hear you cry? Besides opening your eyes to a whole new world of architectural discussion and cutting edge ideas, stretching your skills, intelligence and imagination, you could win a stack of money! The competition will cost £3 to enter, and the winner each month (as decided by a group of impartial tutors) will get half the pot, and the other half goes straight to Anusaran.
So say 100 people enter, you could walk away with £150, and £150 goes to charity!
Unfortunately for the time being we can only hold this competition for RGU students. At the end of each month there will be a short evening event in the Scott Sutherland School where the winner will be announced and all the best entries will be put on display.



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