Golly we did a Lecture

Just over a week ago now the architectural society at RGU decided it would be safe for us to take their thursday night lecture- a slot normally taken by visiting architects of tremendous calibre and wit. We are neither architects (yet), nor do we have any remarkable calibre of wit, but we gave it a shot. It was an amazing opportunity to get to share with people what we had been thinking about throughout the project, and instead of just sharing our designs and rational we tried to get a wee bit deeper into the potential impact projects like this can have. Centring the evening around four basic human rights- survival, development, protection, and participation- we tried to explore the relevance of them each in this project and in our attitude towards architecture on a wider scale. We decided to try and have video running behind us the whole time, as well as slides on a projector facing off to the side, which involved making a 40ish minute long video- our timing was a bit out on the day, but I think it worked alright!

Here is the short opening video we used to start the evening:

We also got to spend some time with the first year built environment and architecture students, and unfortunately we had to come up with something a bit different because quite a few of them had come to the other lecture! We tried to make it a bit more informal, and took them all through to the small exhibition we have up at RGU at the moment, to look at the model and drawings, and discuss the building with them in a bit more depth. Hopefully we can get to do more stuff like this in the future, we are just getting into the swing of it!


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