Exhibition Opening Night

Last Sunday was the grand opening of our first proper exhibition, in Kilau on Little belmont St in Aberdeen! And if you missed the big night, don’t fear because all the work will be up until 2nd of January, and we might even have another big night event…

It’s taken a lot of our focus and energy to get everything ready in time, but it all came together on the day and we ended up actually having too many things to display. All of Sunday afternoon was spent hammering tacks into the walls and trying to make everything look half decent (which takes a surprisingly long time!), ready for 8pm when the doors were opened to the adoring hoards of art lovers. Well, not quite, but over 100 people turned up to enjoy the art, photography, design, videos, live music from the fantastic Don and Sam (the yet unnamed acoustic duo), and of course the free drinks that Kilau so kindly provided for the whole proceedings.

So if you are in Aberdeen, or anywhere nearby in the next couple of months then try and pop in and check it all out.
As well as art prints, Illustrations and photography from us, you can see the final architectural designs for the school (which we still can’t post online yet, sorry!) and a really great collection of photography from children living in the deprived area of Delhi we designed the school for. You can also buy prints, postcards and zines at ludicrously low prices, leaving you plenty of money to make a handsome donation…


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