The Photography Project

A highly stupendous addition to our exhibition in Kilau at the moment is a photography project that we did with the kids at Anusaran. It was all extremely last minute, but John was incredibly organised in co-ordinating it all, and the photo reached us two days before the exhibition started. You can see some of the photo boards below, just before we put them all up…

We paid for some of the kids to be given disposable cameras, and they were given freedom to just go out and photograph whatever they want. These are kids in a small rural area of Delhi, who won’t have ever laid hands on a camera before, and so the results were totally raw and real. We got back 5 developed films from the kids, which we have mounted up onto big wooden boards along with a bit that they have written about themselves- and you can see it all at Kilau if you get the chance to go along!

It’s all very well for us to go over and photograph our perspective on the place and bring that home to show everyone, but it’s much harder to really capture what these kid’s perspective on life is. I think this collection of photos helps bridge that a bit. They are so fantastically candid and lo-fi, as they have run around their village photographing their house, family, friends, stray animals, and all the little things that piece together their daily lives.

Here are just a few photos from Vishal…


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