Kilau Exhibition Tear Down

Sadly last week marked the two month anniversary of our exhibition in Kilau, and it was time to make way for the next budding artists, so on the cold Sunday morning some of us went along and took everything down leaving the walls looking remarkably bare. We’d like to thank Kilau massively for giving us the opportunity to use their space, and for not flinching when we made dozens of holes and dirty marks on their walls!

A massive thanks to the 100+ people who bought prints from the exhibition, we appreciate it so much and are very flattered that you would grace your own walls with our work. If you missed out then don’t fret- we are looking into setting up an online store so you can buy prints online and we will send them all the way to wherever your front door may happen to be!

Hopefully at some point in the coming months we will be able to hold a new exhibition, this time collaborating with a bunch of art students and possibly even showing off some of the best entries to our competitions. It’s all up in the air at the moment, but who knows what could happen? Watch this space….



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