Tearfund Haiti Children Project

I came across this interesting project today, in the same vein as the photography project that we ran with Anusaran. Tearfund provided 50 school kids from Haiti with disposable cameras and let them loose with instructions to simply take pictures of their favourite things and reflect on how life had changed for them since the earthquake. I love seeing this sort of innocent photography from kids; sometimes it can be so beautifully naive and at other times so harrowingly honest. Take a gander through the full flickr set and you’ll see what I mean. It would be nice to see a lot more of these, and perhaps with a bit less colour adjusting (at least I assume they are photoshopped- they seem a bit too cohesive as a set…)

It’s fascinating finding ways into other people’s lives like this. It’s all very well to visit places and try to experience a certain situation, but it’s nigh on impossible to really get into their shoes. Even the best documentaries miss the mark slightly sometimes I feel. But here are real lives, in the first person. Seems to me like this is one of the purest ways to really engage people in humanitarian issues these days.

About a year ago I very ambitiously began a “365 in motion” project, aiming to take just 10 seconds of silent video each day and then thread it all together into an hour-long visual diary of my year. Needless to say I utterly failed, it turns out a year is quite a bit longer than I expected, I do still have a fair collection though, which I’m sure I’ll look back on and appreciate. What I would really love to see happen is an “in motion” project attempted on a global scale. Just imagine giving a few dozen flip camcorders to village/slum/favella/city kids around the world and ask them to film 10 seconds or so every day for a month- you could end up with all these incredible 5 minute videos creating a mosaic of different lives experienced first hand. It would make a great exhibition, with all these montages of contrasting lives running silently on walls all around the gallery. If anyone feels like getting together and trying this out then seriously, let’s get in touch (tesser.act@live.com)! And if anyone out there fancies sponsoring it, then even better…

I’ve posted a couple of sets that the children from Anusaran took on our photostream so you can see some more. There are plenty more to come too, another 4 sets maybe, which we can’t seem to find the scanned in files to upload, but I’ll try to get them online soon. It’s quite a powerful collection to have, it really displays the simplicity and rawness of their daily lives, as well as complete light-heartedness and joy at times. Enjoy!



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