We never really reflect over it, because to most of us, it is such a  normal part of our lives. But what if it wasn’t? Would you appreciate it even more? -The feeling that somewhere in the world, someone has taken the time and effort, to create something, -solely for you.

There are so many people with the nurturing energy to give and so many others that need it. I like to think that there is a balance in the world, it’s all just about connecting the ends.

I guess the reason this makes me so excited is because it shares the core idea that drove us to develop Tesseract and take on the India project. By now you will be wondering where I am going with this, well let me tell you; I came across an article. They call themselves art2heart. And like so many before, they realise art as a universal language. The concept is ridiculously easy; they provide an art exchange between orphans and other people around the world. Art2heart act as a connector; send them a graphic piece of art and they will make sure it gets to a child who needs it, the receiving child will in turn send you a piece of their art. Whether you are an orphan in India, a banker in Edinburgh or an art student in San Francisco, the project offers an opportunity to give and receive, on a global yet personal level. It’s absolutely incredible.

We can donate money, and yes, it will make a difference, but what we all really need, is to know that someone cares about us. This can be done in so many ways, but there is just something so pure and logical about this project. A real inspiration.

If you want to know more, visit their website here.


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