We made something for you.

So far a lot of our fundraising has come from approaching big companies, a few a whom have been really nice and generous, But why should they get all the fun? Wouldn’t it be something special if real people raised the money. Not corporations, companies or institutions, but real individuals who gave because they cared.

This is the next step in our big fundraising drive- we have produced about 100 fundraising packs which are full of ideas on how you can have fun and really help a little community in India at the same time. Each pack has guides to running 4 different types of fundraising event, a simple week box and flyer, and a DVD which is full of loads of videos and helpful information.We would really love for you to be involved, so we will send you a pack for free, to where-ever you are, so that you can get together with everyone you know and help us raise the amount needed! Just imagine, if 100 of you held an event that raised £650, Anusaran would have all the money they need to complete the new building!

Have a look at simple week and think if you want to give that a go with some friends- we can send you as many “simple” box templates as you want, then email us with your address, so we can tell the post man which way to go with your brand new fundraising pack!

our email- tesser.act@live.com

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