Simple Week. Get involved!


Simple week is nearly here! There’s now less than a week left to the launch of this amazingly simple fundraising event. We’re aiming to raise lots of money for the building project in Delhi for Anusaran, and the only way we can make it happen is if you all take part and get your friends involved! Check out our Facebook event page and invite all of your friends.

The idea is simple; live as simply as you can for 7 days (starting on the 21st of March) and collect the money you would have spent and donate it to Anusaran.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Can you do without a trip to Starbucks in the morning?
Maybe make sandwiches the night before?
Baked beans instead of a Sunday roast?
Walking to work instead of driving?

Is it too far to try a cold shower?

We have even made these cool origami collection boxes for your spare change, send us an email on and we’ll send you as many as you want absolutely free! Or alternatively you can ask for a template to be emailed to you so you can print it yourself.

You could even make a competition out of it with some friends and see who can raise the most money!



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