Build Our Nation- Esquisse

The 1st of April Tesseract organized an Esquisse. For those who aren’t familiar with the term; an esquisse is a basic outline of a project. The task was to come up with a concept for a women’s centre in The Democratic Republic of Congo, a project which will potentially (hopefully) be realized, through students in correlation with Pascal Nshombo Kataraka, a Congo national with a strong vision to improve conditions for women in the area.

The esquisse, which was originally planned as a one-day workshop for RGU architecture students, proved to be an engaging subject and soon we had universities in Milan, Barcelona and Reus joining in. In smaller teams within the separate universities, the esquisse took place simultaneously in the four european cities. Quite an incredible event! All universities kept in touch via Skype video conferences at certain times of the day, sharing information, knowledge and progress. The main source and communication hub though, was our blog, through which all of the teams continuously updated progress and interesting findings throughout the day. The blog turned out to be an incredibly useful and inspiring tool, and instead of the event becoming a competition, it turned into a massive collaboration where students across the borders worked along side each other.

A very pressured time table forced the teams to be extremely efficient, within six hours each of the groups were expected to have decided on a concept and to present it as 3 graphics. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible. The studio was a vibrant whirlpool of focused students discussing, designing and creating for a real cause.

At the end of the day, each university decided on one group to represent the ideas summoned during the day. Through another video conference with all of the students present, the four projects were presented and discussed between the universities, generating some really interesting discussions and ideas! The event had a great outcome, and the best part is; that it doesn’t end here. Each university will select 3 teams to further develop their concepts and in a few months time, we take this project to its next level; a final workshop in Milan. Here the teams will be mixed again, allowing students from Aberdeen, Milan, Barcelona and Reus to work directly together to finalize the concepts and prepare a design that will help change the situation for women in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

Who would have thought…

It’s incredible really, there is so much creativity and passion, its all just about bringing it together!


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