Facing the Floods- Australian winners

A couple of weeks ago we held the “Facing the Floods” exhibition, which featured architectural responses to the floods from students all over the world, and in particular a large group of students from Queensland University of Technology in Australia, many of whom experienced the floods first hand.

It has taken much longer than we anticipated to finally announce the winner from among the great entries from Australia with all of our recent events, but a massive thanks to all of the students at QUT who participated and have been patient- it has been a powerful insight into the flooding for us at our University, and we have enjoyed discussing your entries. The work has been talked about and reviewed by scores of students and tutors in the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture, and our second exhibition next week will allow so many more people to see the contributions in detail.

We will be posting several honourable mentions soon because it was so hard to narrow down the entries, but for now we would like to show you the project that rose above the rest…

So without further to do….

First Place

Massive congratulations to Group 19, who came up with this fantastically holistic approach which seeks to provide low tech emergency shelter for people and belongings, and also facilitate the clean-up effort after the floods have receded. By identifying a key area of higher ground and good accessibility the skip houses can create temporary streets, while still allowing vehicles and access. This piece will be up among other projects from Thursday 14th April in the Academy, Aberdeen, as part of our “Beyond Bricks” exhibition.


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