Almost Home: Winter Design Competition

You would be excused if you hadn’t visited our Design Competitions Site in a while, since there hasn’t been very much going on there recently, but all that is about to change. As the first in a new series of competitions, we are looking for you once again to design for the homeless. There a just a couple of weeks to go until the deadline, so get thinking!

Last year we had almost 100 entries to our “Let it Snow” competition which came in surprisingly not only from the UK, but all over the world, and it was amazing and challenging to see what people came up with. We hope that this year can build on that success and bring more amazing and thoughtful entries than ever!

There is a bit of a twist this year however…. after being in touch with several homeless charities we have heard something important- these organisations on the whole don’t simply exist to try and alleviate the suffering of homeless people, but instead fight to get them off the streets and rehabilitated. It’s a temptation as designers to just think of clever ways to make homeless people more comfortable and safe, and last year we saw some great and provocative entries along that theme, but that’s not what the aim is this year, which makes things a little harder! The solutions for rehabilitation are very often down to good government policy making, funding, and the hard work of lots of caring people. But maybe good and intelligent design can stimulate this rehabilitation process too?

This competition will be a bit harder, but don’t let that put you off! Think outside the box, feel free to be provocative, explore ideas of community, the meaning of rehabilitation, how we can reach out to help homeless people, and the way that architectural or product design can play a part in the process.

Check out the Current Competition Page for all the details you will need, and take some time to look through Last Year’s Shortlist.

Good luck!


3 responses to “Almost Home: Winter Design Competition

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