Build Our Nation: Short Videos



These two videos are really just a tiny glimpse at all of the hard work that has happened as part of the Build Our Nation project- a vast collaboration of students from across Europe, all designing together for a women’s community centre in the DRC. With so many creative people working together to achieve so much in an incredibly short space of time, the workshop which was held in Milan was just as charged and frenzied as the first which we hosted from Aberdeen. While in Milan our small team  took a bit of a back seat from co-ordinating the workshop in order to collaborate with Italian filmmaker Filippo Macelloni and together begin work on some short films which can be used to promote and share the story. There aren’t any finished films to share yet, although the students in Milan got a sneak preview on the final day of the workshop!

We have handed over the Build Our Nation project now, giving us more time to really focus on our own Anusaran Project, but hopefully as it continues to grow and progress in other hands we will have lots more to share.

[The featured image of this post was produced by a student team during the first conceptual stages of the Build our Nation project]


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