I was sitting on top of a mountain, when I recieved an email from David to my phone, he told me about a really cool project that I had to check out. Perhaps I wanted to write about it?
So through the fragile internet connection on an alp summit in Austria I read about Boamistura.
Maybe influenced by the fact that the view was surreally stunning, that I had just had two beers and the high altitude made me a little light-headed; I got such a good feeling reading about these guys.

Their latest project is amazing, not only because of its originality and the successful end result, but in my opinion mainly because of the fundamental idea that underpins this project. On their website you can read the words “bring the world its colour back”. Pure and simply beautiful.
I think they had me at those words, thats when I fell in love.
The images just assured me that my first intentions were right.

A diverse cocktail of artistic talent fused together with the intention of complementing its component while staying true to the core idea; creating something better.
Boamistura (meaning good mix) create optimistic optical illusions that bring colour and encouragement back to an environment that is often associated with negativity.

From the intention to the end effect, this project is pure and hopeful, resulting in street art which is intirguing, powerful and positively intoxicating.

There is no need to over analyse this.
It is just simply really really good.

See the project in full, along with many others on their website.



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