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Its been about 2 years since a small group of us first got together and travelled out to India together to see if we could help Anusaran build a new school and women’s shelter. A whole lot has happened since then! Over those years we’ve been fundraising for the building, holding exhibitions and competitions, starting new projects, and sharing our experiences and thoughts through a host of lectures and workshops. At the heart of everything we’ve busied ourselves with though are the women and children out in Delhi, and the focus of everything more than ever is how we can finally complete their new building.

It was my huge privilege to go out there this summer and discuss and develop what to do next in the school with the teachers and leaders there, and meet and negotiate with contractors and builders. I also successfully managed to fly an Indian kite for the first time (after losing a few to the clutches of tall trees).

With two years passed it was time to evaluate what we had achieved so far, and where we could cut back or develop so that we can beat rising costs and complete the school. The building has come a long way since the start of development- it’s gone from a large disheveled tin roof shed to a secure and watertight building, with new foundations, structure and concrete roof. Already these changes have made a huge difference to the functioning of the school; classes can continue right through the year even in the height of summer and the torrential rain of monsoon, and the new roof has proven a brilliant playground for the kids.

One of the key stages that had been holding us back from progressing further with the building was the purchase of a plot of land to one side of the site. Prices have risen insanely over the past years as the area has begun to get more developed, and the government has recently issued that the neighbourhood is now officially recognised and will have its infrastructure and amenities improved. We figured that enough is enough, and there is no point in spending the whole cost of construction on a single plot of land, lets just get on with it!

This has meant some redesigning and adapting, but it means that with the saved money we are ready to embark on the next stage of construction! Over the next couple of months the usable space in the school will almost double as we build 4 large new classrooms, and open up a large area on the ground floor to be used for women’s empowerment groups and meetings. New windows and natural ventilation systems will be fitted opening the classes up to natural light and air.

Money is in place to get the ball rolling, and to complete this next stage we need about £7000 extra. If you would like to support Anusaran and the women and children then head over to the new official giving page-

Here are a couple of images we’ve put together of what will be achieved in this next phase. We can’t wait to get going!


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