The New Blog

I’d like to officially welcome you to take a look at our new blog, which is now on tumblr! Over the past couple of years we have used this website for all our news as well as the occasional article or essay as we’ve been thinking about creativity for humanity, and we want to do even more of that stuff but here isn’t really the right place for it. From now on you can come to this site for news about our projects, as well as a more in depth collection of images and info about our projects, but all of our thoughts and tangents will be posted on the new blog.

If you are a tumblr user then great, please follow us, but if you don’t have a tumblr account you can still just bookmark it or look at the summarised blog feed on the right side of our home page. We will be posting interesting things related to humanitarian architecture, art, people and general creativity fairly regularly, so it should be worth keeping an eye on!

If you would like to contribute something, or even write for us, then we would love to hear from you, just fire us an email at



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