Phase 2 Is Finished at Anusaran

4 new classrooms, a kitchen, toilets, bore well, meeting hall, office, and stitching rooms. It’s taken a while, but the second phase of work at Anusaran is finished! From its humble beginnings as a poultry farm shed, we’ve been helping develop the Anusaran School building in Delhi over the past few years, transforming it from crumbling cramped classrooms to a safe, bright and roomy facility for the 150 kids and 40 women who attend.

This second phase of work has been ambitious, effectively doubling the usable space that the school had by building a new first story. It’s taken a lot of structural work, fixing a few unforeseen problems, and no small effort from everyone who donated and fundraised, but now for the first time in years the building feels fresh and finished, complete with a new lick of paint, tiling and a polished stone floor.

It’s time to celebrate now, but soon we will be looking ahead to how we can tackle the next phase of construction, which we are hoping will complete the building with a second floor for accommodation that local women and volunteers can use.

Here are some photos of the new facilities, kindly taken by Arnold David in Delhi. At the bottom is also a video which John (the founder of Anusaran) has made along with a group of volunteers which are working there at the moment. It features a great walk through presented by the kids!


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