A tesseract is the name of a 3D cruciform cube. In the same way that a 2D net folds into a 3D shape, a tesseract folds into a 4D shape- something our minds can’t even visualize. Something we can understand and control can become something completely beyond imagination. Our skills and creativity can lead to designs which lead in turn to physical projects, art, and architecture, but these ‘objects’ and expressions of creativity can affect lives and communities in far-reaching and incredible ways which are immeasurable. This is the tesseract effect.

We are immensely excited about what creativity can do for this world. At the moment we are a collective of creative students who are trying to find new ways to reach out and explore how architecture and design can make a difference in desperate situations. We are primarily interested in how our built environment can be a positive nurturing atmosphere, and many deprived communities around the world lack even simple spaces to live, work, learn and meet in. Over the past couple of years we have begun putting our interest into practice by providing architectural design support and creative projects for NGOs and communities, with our first project in India now nearing completion.

The process of building is a complex one, and what we believe is that through close community participation, engagement, using local resources, and a bucketful of creativity, amazing spaces can be built that will empower and enrich people’s lives.