Anusaran are the NGO in Delhi that we have been working with to provide designs for their new facilities. You can see first hand what they are all about over here…

Founded in 2002 by a local couple John and Abha as somewhere for unschooled children from the slum to spend their time, it has since grown into an informal school and community centre in two locations, teaching about 400 children and 50 young woman. They describe their aims as-

To improve the lives of impoverished children and women through education.
To equip women with skills and resources to become self-sufficient
Offer hope to the hopeless and bring joy in the midst of sorrow

John and Abha work all year around with the help of a small group of staff (mainly comprising of former anusaran students) to keep supporting all who come along to the schools, and they involve themselves closely in the needs, worries, and joys of the children and young people.

“As a result of disease and poverty, numerous young girls are desolated, abandoned by their parents, or living in impoverished conditions without basic necessities for survival. Many of them are found living on the streets with nowhere else to go. Anusaran will give these girls a place to call home and a second chance in life.”

The key goal to our project with Anusaran was to design a building that will provide shelter and a nurturing, healthy environment to those young girls and women who want to be educated and self-sufficient, but whose families are unable to support them. In August 2010 there was 6 of us who spent 3 weeks in Delhi, where we focused on integrating with the community, studying the local building and living traditions, conversing with the girls at Anusaran and ultimately putting together a design which could be used by local contractors. Since then we have been raising money for the ongoing construction of that building!