Sandema Mortuary

The Sandema Mortuary project was initiated in summer 2013 in connection with Trade Right International and the Ghana Health Service, to create an innovative new mortuary facility at a rural district hospital in Sandema, North Ghana. Funerals are culturally very significant in Ghana, and having inadequate facilities in the region has meant that families and friends of the deceased have been unable make arrangements for funerals before the bodies legally have to be buried. Using the very limited mortuaries in the closest towns comes at a premium which most people can’t afford, but this new facility will provide for the local community within the general care that the local Health Service provides.

Situated at the back of the hospital grounds, the design focusses on providing excellent facilities and hygeine, within a very tight budget. The long modular building is to be built with large overhangs and a double skin sawtooth roof, allowing for a bright, naturally cool and ventilated environment, while maintaining privacy and infection control. The normal refrigeration units used in mortuaries are expensive and difficult to maintain locally, and so these will be replaced by specially fitted refrigerated shipping containers.


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