Through Their Lens

‘Through Their Lens’ is an incredibly simple idea. Communities are given disposable cameras to record their lives, and when they are done the films are developed for them to see and for us to share.

There are two sides to what happens here. Deprived communities are given a voice, and they know that their cares and lives are being noticed by the world. We get the chance to understand their lives for a moment, stand in their shoes and look through their eyes.

TTL has come about from collecting together photos from a number of projects we and others have done where cameras have been put in the hands of the local community.

At Tesseract we are using it as a tool when we start designing for these deprived communities. We are passionate about providing good design for these people to improve their lives, and involving them personally in the whole process is essential. Running photography projects is our starting block in this process, as we try and understand the community we are working with.

The results can be candid, naive, simple, and harrowing, but always beautiful.

Through Their Lens has been made possible through the support of ISA Charity


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